Jen and David's Summertime Nupitals

If you were interested in seeing more of Lindsay Ocker's beautiful work, or more photos from Jen and David's wedding, Click here! 

Gray and Yellow Weddings!

 Looking for a fun, modern color scheme? 
Try Silver and Maize together! 

Check It Out!

We are pleased to announce that we will now be offering a beautiful, waterfront outdoor ceremony location! Our new space allows for weddings up to 150 guests to look over the gorgeous Friendship of Salem and Pickering Wharf Marina. 

P.S. Look for us on an upcoming episode of NECN's TV Diner with Billy Costa and Jenny Johnson! 

To Look or Not To Look?

"Do you think we should have a first look? 
"Should we try and take all of our photos after the ceremony?" 

Don't think that you are the only couple wondering about these same things! We get these two questions and other similar questions all the time! We know that some couples want to remain as traditional as possible, however some couples are perfectly fine doing things the "more modern way" We think the best option is look at both possibilities and weigh all of the pros and con's of this new trend. 

We found this Q&A on The Knot to provide a little more insight! 

Q. My fiance and I have decided to take wedding photographs before the wedding ceremony so that we can have proper lighting. The obvious problem is that we will have to see each other before the wedding -- and I really wanted to have that great moment when my groom sees me for the first time walking down the wedding aisle. Any suggestion for how to get around this?
Julie Surette Photography
There are many advantages to having photos taken before your actual wedding ceremony. For one, your makeup will be perfectly fresh, your guests will not be kept waiting after the ceremony to see you (and you are able to party with them sooner!), and, as you mentioned, the lighting will be better. Many couples are choosing to do things this way for these reasons. Being the romantic that you are, perhaps you can plan a special moment or two when you and your groom see each other for the first time privately just before the photos. This can be your own personal "first sighting" of each other, and may be even more special since you won't have hundreds of eyes watching. Also, remember that the moment you do actually see each other as you are about to walk down the aisle will be magical no matter how many times you see each other beforehand -- we promise.